Frequently Asked Questions

The Oakworth School of Motoring FAQ page answers some of the most common questions asked relating to Oakworth SoM and driving in general.

Does Oakworth School of Motoring operate in my area?
Oakworth SoM delivers quality driving tuition in the following locations Shipley Keighley Oakworth Steeton Haworth Long Lee Harden Bingley Wilsden Cullingworth Cross Flats Cowling Glusburn Skipton Silsden Bradford and all surrounding areas.

How much does learning to drive cost?
The cost of learning to drive depends on a variety of factors, including the cost of lessons, how much driving experience you already have, and how much private practice you do. Click here for lesson prices.

How many lessons will I need to pass the practical test?
The Driving Standards Agency advises that it can take on average 45 hours of professional tuition and 20 hours of private practice to pass a driving test.

How much does it cost to get your provisional licence?
On its website, the Driving Standards Agency publishes the cost of obtaining a licence click here .

I have got three point penalty twice on my provisional licence. Can I still take my practical test?
Yes, you can still take your practical test. However, we encourage you to consider what lessons you can learn from the situations that caused you to get those points, and what changes you should make to your driving in the light of that.

Can I have lessons in my own car?
Your first lesson will be in a Oakworth School Of Motoring tuition car (currently a Vauxhall Corsa) so that your instructor can assess your ability. The instructor will then decide if you can drive your own car in your lessons. Remember that Oakworth School Of Motoring car's dual controls make it much safer if you're having an off-day!

Can I be picked up and dropped off in different areas?
You can, but it depends on your instructor. You can arrange this with your instructor after you have had your first lesson.

Can I have evening and weekend lessons?
Yes. Oakworth School Of Motoring instructors do offer lessons in the evening and at weekends, although these are the most popular times and tend to get booked up far in advance.

Practical and theory tests

How long is a theory pass valid?
Your theory test result is valid for two years. If you haven't passed your practical test within that two-year period, you will need to sit your theory test again.

Do test examiners pass one then fail one for every test they do?
Myths about driving examiners abound, and this is one of them. If you are worried about your practical examination, talk to your driving instructor about how the test works and what you may be asked to do on your route.

How do I book a practical test?
You can book your practical test online, or over the phone on 0870 0101 372. However you need to have passed your theory test before you book your practical test.

What questions are asked during a practical test ?
In the practical test, you will be asked two 'show and tell' questions about safety and maintenance checks on your car. Getting one or both of them wrong will count as a driving fault in your test. To help prepare, ask your instructor to run through some sample questions with you.

Is it possible to use one of your cars for the practical test if I take lessons with you as well?
Yes, you certainly can use one of our cars for your practical test. What normally happens is that you have a short driving lesson just before your practical test and then drive to your test centre. Your driving instructor will generally wait in the centre while you have your test in the Oakworth School Of Motoring car.

What are considered as dangerous and serious driving faults on your practical driving test?

There will always be some element of judgement on the part of the examiner when making the assessment, but here are some examples to illustrate what can be considered a minor, serious or dangerous fault.

Imagine turning left from a major road into a minor road and the rear wheel bumps up onto the kerb on the way round. This would be a driving fault (also known as a minor fault), and not necessarily a fail.

Imagine that same scenario, but the front wheel bumps up onto the kerb followed by the rear wheel. This would be a serious fault and, therefore, a fail. If a pedestrian is waiting to cross the road and they are forced to move out of the way, then this would be a dangerous fault and a fail.

Another example is to imagine emerging left from a minor road to a major road. The gap in the traffic is big enough to move into but the candidate taking the test builds up speed leisurely � obliging the following vehicle to lift off the accelerator. This is a driving fault, not a fail.

Now imagine that the gap in the traffic is smaller but still okay if the candidate is moving at a good pace. If the candidate isn't moving quickly enough and forces the following driver to brake, this would be a serious fault, and a fail. A dangerous fault in this scenario would be if the gap in the traffic is too small and the examiner has to intervene to prevent candidate from emerging.

Once you've passed

How can I find out more about Pass Plus?
Pass Plus was developed by the Driving Standards Agency. It is a six-part training course which helps new drivers get experience in towns, all weathers, out of town and rural roads, night driving, dual carriageway and motorways. Each part lasts an hour and at the end of your module your instructor will pass you if he or she believes that you have met the right standard.

Do you offer motorway driving courses to students who passed their driving tests some time ago?
Yes, we do offer refresher driving lessons.

For further questions, please ring: 07222000222

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